About us

Welcome to starbooks.

We love to read! Books, comics, manga, graphic novels, booklets, pamphlets, the terms and conditions on that one thing that was like 15 pages and you thought. "Who would be stupid enough to read that, it has zero intrinsic value and it would just be literal hours of my life I will never get back"... Well ....we are that stupid.

You know why we read? (beside the obvious reasons like fun, to expand our skills and knowledge and to marvel at beautiful worlds, words and art.)

Basically we love people who read and play games and we want people to feel the same way we do when we close a book or comic that we enjoyed or finish a board game with friends.

For those of you who haven't experienced that feeling let me tell you. You, my friend, are missing out!

We are small, we care a little too much and we are here to help you find your hidden treasure.